File Storage Boxes

Wholesale File Storage Boxes

What is a File Storage Box?

Some might say that any box can be used to store documents. Yet, file storage boxes not only bring the framework, but they further enhance it with organizational features. Options with and without lids let you:

  • Hold onto and organize tax documents, invoices and other important files in a safe, secure and easy-to-access location.
  • Store documents based on regulatory requirements for required periods of time.
  • Move and re-organize your file storage boxes. Options are constructed out of durable, wear-resistant corrugated materials and feature a stackable form equipped with carry handles.
  • Make your physical document storage solution more efficient, lessen clutter in the office and help you develop a straightforward organization system.
  • Clearly mark boxes based on year, document type, project name or another purpose.
  • Offer an alternative to shelf-based storage.

Along with these benefits, file storage boxes and lids remain flat, taking up less room until folded.

Types of File Storage Boxes

Packaging HERO® carries the following types of file storage boxes:

  • Economy: Corrugated 200#/ECT-32 holds up to 15 inches of letter-size files or 12 feet of legal-size files. Boxes are available with and without lids.
  • Wholesale deluxe: These file storage boxes made from 200#/ECT-32 corrugated fold together quickly, offer a removable lid, don’t require adhesive and include pre-printed panels for labeling.
  • Interlocking flap: These single-piece file storage boxes quickly come together to offer the durability of a double-layered base and a write-on area for efficient, clear labeling.
  • Auto-Lock: With no adhesive required, these file storage boxes feature a base that quickly snaps together and are ideal for letter- and legal-size paperwork.
  • R-KIVE®: Our most durable file storage boxes feature a double-side and double-bottom design with triple ends and FastFold® assembly.
  • String & Button: A string closure keeps contents secured, even if this box is turned upside down. Write-on areas on two sides allow for clear labeling.
  • File storage drawers: This alternative to traditional file cabinets combines corrugated draws with a steel frame and includes writing areas for labeling.

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