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Packaging HERO is your single-source, total packaging solutions provider. We can help you display, ship and store your products in the most effective, cost-efficient way possible. Using our unique consultative approach, focusing on your overall packaging goals, we will maximize efficiency in ways you probably haven't even considered. Commitment to excellence. Personal Service. Design Experience. We bring it all together into the best possible package for your business. 

Designing a better way

You need your products packed, shipped and stored in a way that eliminates waste, squeezes more pallets on a truck and provides maximum protection. Our experienced designers will ask you what you're putting in a box, and understand exactly how you're shipping it. They'll use the latest CAD technology to design solutions that improve your packaging from every angle, reducing size, material costs, freight expense, labor and storage space. We understand the value of graphic design, when to use it, and how best to achieve the look and feel for your project, while considering your budget and long-term objectives. 

Your inventory, when you need it

You could store truckloads of corrugated and other packaging materials in your own facility, or you could let Packaging HERO store and deliver them for you, as needed, freeing up floor space and maximizing profitability per square foot. Leverage our substantial buying power to make large-volume purchases. We'll store your inventory in one of our distribution centers, and give you the flexibility to request smaller, more frequent deliveries on a just-in-time basis, so you always have what you need, when you need it. Plus, Packaging HERO combines a variety of products on a single truck, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers and deliveries. 

Essential products, ready to ship

Order any of our more than 25,000 in-stock products and they'll be in your hands tomorrow. Shipping from 4 distribution centers around the country to help minimize freight expense and transportation time, we're investing in the future to be the best in our industry. Choose from every category, including: corrugated, mailers, tape, poly bags, shipping supplies, cushioning, retail packaging, anti-static, facility supplies, and janitorial items. 

Personal sales consultations

It's rare for a company in our industry to come to you. But it's the only way we've done business since 1993. We're experts at identifying opportunities for improvement. Our experienced packaging consultants will visit your business to conduct a Packaging Value Analysis (PVA), share application-design samples and demonstrate innovative solutions. It's the ideal way to see the advantages of our recommendations over your current solution. 

We shrink prices on film and everything else

Through our design consultation and focus on your total packaging solutions, we eliminate inefficiencies and deliver the best possible cost. In addition, our custom designs, volume buying power, large in-stock inventory and a Packaging Value Analysis (PVA) help you find the best products for your unique needs, which result in the best cost for shipping, storing, and displaying your items. 


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