Wholesale Reinforced Packing or Industrial Tape

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One way to ensure that the merchandise you ship to your customers arrives safely is to choose the right kind of tape to seal the package. At PackagingHERO®, we have a wide selection of wholesale industrial tape so that you can find the varieties that best meet your needs. Whether you're shipping items at high temperatures or simply need tape to use around the office, we've got the product that you want in stock. And, if you're simply not sure what kind of tape is best to use for your specific shipping purposes, just call the experienced staff at PackagingHERO and we'll help you figure it out!


Duct Tape and Water Activated Tape
Water-activated tape is reinforced with fiberglass yarns that are bonded between paper to provide extra packaging strength. Fiberglass and nylon-reinforced packing tape is moisture and temperature-resistant and adheres to a variety of surfaces. PackagingHERO offers different water-activated tape recommendations for boxes of different sizes and weights so that you can choose the one that's just right for the package you will ship. We've also got wholesale industrial duct tape that is useful for almost anything and that resists tears and moisture. You can also save money by buying in bulk, because the more cases you buy, the lower the price per case!

Office and Masking Tape
PackagingHERO offers you several varieties of office and masking tape for general office use. Masking tape has a light adhesive that doesn't leave residue. Double-sided masking tape has a stronger adhesive that is great for splicing. Other office tapes, like PackagingHERO's 3M Scotch tapes, are transparent and won't show on the package. The Magic tape is easy to handle and apply and is resistant to splitting and drying out. We also offer a variety of tape dispensers that will help you quickly tear off the piece of tape you need.

Anti-Static and Anti-Slip Tape
PackagingHERO's anti-static tape is great for splicing or insulating electrical wiring. Anti-static tape generates less static electricity even when it is being unwound, so you can use it for packaging your sensitive electronics. PackagingHERO's industrial anti-slip tape is grease and moisture resistant and can be used in temperature environments up to 150 degrees F. Our Heavy-Duty Anti-Slip tape has an even coarser and thicker surface and is great for non-porous surfaces like concrete and painted metals. Buy in bulk and save money!