Poly Bags and Plastic Sheeting

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When you’re looking to streamline your operations at a warehouse or as a seller, check what we have available for plastic sheeting and poly bags in bulk at Packaging HERO®.

With poly bags, choose from features such as white blocks that can be labeled, small clear bags to keep little pieces together or various colored bags to color code your inventory. Choose either large poly bags or plastic sheeting to keep dust off your equipment or pallets to reduce the necessary cleanup or maintenance you would have to factor in otherwise.

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Why Use Poly Bags?

If you’re looking for the greatest degree of versatility for shipping products, poly bags have the edge:

  • Lightweight: Poly plastic bags are light, helping you save on shipping costs while ensuring your client gets an organized package with all small parts kept together.
  • Your choice of thickness: Poly bags can be ordered in various mil thicknesses to suit your needs. When organizing small items, choose thin bags. Thicker poly bags are available for heavier items that need to be sorted or stored accessibly.
  • Accommodate a wide range of items: From apparel to other consumer goods to magazines and books, poly bags are ideal for anything non-fragile while still offering protection from dust and other similar particles.

Types of Poly Bags and Plastic Sheeting

Packaging HERO presents the following types of poly bags and plastic sheeting:

  • Lay-flat bags: These square or rectangular bags lay flat to take up the least amount of space possible and can be heat sealed, taped shut or secured using zipper seal closures.
  • Gusseted: These poly bags feature a pleated design to accommodate larger or irregularly shaped items.
  • Reclosable: These poly bags feature a closure that can be resealed again after opening. These solutions work for protecting or containing smaller items, like jewelry, within your package.
  • Anti-static: An anti-static compound added to these poly bags protects electronics and other sensitive parts from exposure to static electricity.
  • Poly sheeting and tubing: From garment bags and furniture covers to pallet covers and bin liners, these solutions protect larger items and warehouse spaces from dust and more.

Along with these basic types, Packaging HERO carries specialty poly bags:

  • Food-safe FDA/USDA-approved options
  • Poly bags with clear Amber bags to reduce UV exposure
  • Polypropylene to better protect contents against moisture and vapors.

Shop poly bags now by roll or case, depending upon your operations.

Whatever you select, Packaging HERO® mails it out from our closest distribution center, ensuring you receive the right materials when you need them.

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