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Whenever someone is browsing through your store or whenever they order merchandise, you want to grab their attention. A product might be the customer’s focus, but retail packaging elevates its appeal. Strategies from displays to mailing supplies draw eyes and contribute to the impression you project. To take that to the next level, Packaging HERO® is here to help you find what you need from our broad array of products and customized approach.

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Corrugated displays elevate or surround your product, easily coming together to help key merchandise stand out from windows and within a store environment. Find counter, floor and more one-piece, heavy-duty solutions.

Cartons and Boxes

Whenever your customers order by mail, your packaging is often the first physical impression they get of your brand. To help you ship your products, find durable retail packaging boxes and cartons that can be quickly assembled to protect items from dust and damage.

Mailing Supplies

Our philosophy encompasses the box, as well as what goes into it, on the outside, and how it’s shipped. Retail-specific mailing supplies cover these bases. Protect a box’s contents with chipboard sheets, ensure merchandise looks crisp by storing it in poly bags from the warehouse through transit, and secure each order with packaging tape.

Shopping Bags

When your customers purchase multiple items, be it apparel, food or other consumer goods, don’t leave them carrying it all by hand. Shopping bags help conveniently package a customer’s order for them to safely and straightforwardly transport everything home — whether they intend to walk, drive or take the bus. Find plastic and paper shopping bags at Packaging HERO.

What Goes in the Box

Opening a package or spotting merchandise presented in a display creates a specific experience — one designed to elicit curiosity and envy. To complete the visuals, find solutions for enhancing corrugated displays and retail packaging boxes, from classic tissue paper to modern, multipurpose crinkle paper.

We’ve got your retail packaging needs covered. After browsing, set up an account for 24-7 access, saving your favorites, tracking your order from our closest distribution center, and accessing special pricing upon review.