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3 x 4 PH-542105 3" x 4" 1/8" 500
$92.47 $85.57 $79.63 $74.45
4 x 6 PH-542129 4" x 6" 1/8" 500
$123.26 $114.06 $106.14 $99.25
6 x 9 PH-542131 6" x 9" 1/8" 275
$112.39 $104.00 $96.78 $90.49
8 x 10 PH-542135 8" x 10" 1/8" 275
$178.65 $165.31 $153.83 $143.84
9 x 12 PH-542141 9" x 12" 1/8" 150
$105.68 $97.79 $91.00 $85.09

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Body Text Regular foam packaging can sometimes generate static electricity when shipped or handled. This static electricity can damage small integrated circuits and other delicate parts. If you need to ship sensitive electronic equipment that could be damaged by static, anti-static foam bag pouches from PackagingHERO® are an excellent choice for your shipping needs. These lightweight foam bags for shipping will get your electronic merchandise to your customers safely.

Excellent for Computer Parts
PackagingHERO's anti-static foam pouches are more popular than ever because nowadays, nearly everyone has a computer or smartphone. Anti-static foam pouches are perfect for shipping smartphone upgrades, computer chips, semiconductors or even small computer auto parts. The anti-static polyethylene air foam is non-abrasive and provides a higher level of protection for many delicate electronics than regular foam pouches. Their pink color signifies their anti-static properties in the shipping and packaging industry.

Buy Foam Pouches Wholesale
When you buy from PackagingHERO, you can save money by ordering foam pouches wholesale. The more you buy, the more you save! You may even qualify for one of our free freight options if your order is large enough, and you can rest assured that we'll always have your items in stock. People are buying their electronics online now more than they have ever done before, so you're bound to be shipping these products in large amounts. Be prepared by ordering anti-static foam pouches in bulk. You'll love how easy they are to fill, seal and ship!

A Variety of Sizes to Choose From
All PackagingHERO anti-static foam pouches are 1/8" thick, but we offer a variety of pouch sizes to meet all of your shipping needs. Even if the electronic components you're shipping give off electrostatic charges while en route to their destinations, you need not worry because the foam in the pouch will slowly dissolve them before they can do any harm. Even the most sensitive circuit board will arrive at your customer's home or office in perfect condition.