Wholesale Packaging & Shipping Mailers

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What do you have to ship? Packaging HERO® strives to meet you where you are — no compromises, no work-arounds and no cut corners that result in customer dissatisfaction.

When it comes to shipping and mailing, we consider everything going into and protecting the box, as well as the box itself. From sending out catalogs to managing the volume and variety of a large ecommerce business, get a solution tailored to exactly what you offer from corrugated mailers, poly bags, tubes and bubble envelopes, among other protective, easy-to-assemble options.

We produce and purchase envelopes and mailers in bulk, allowing us to offer wholesale prices.

Don't see what you need? Have questions about specific issues or a unique project? Looking for a custom size or print? Our team is here to help! Call us at 866-PKG-HERO. Email us at [email protected]. Or, fill out a contact form, and our team will be happy to suggest options to fit your needs.


Types of Wholesale Envelopes and Mailers

We’re ready to accommodate your shipping operations with the following envelopes and mailers in bulk:

  • Corrugated mailer boxes: Kraft and white 32#c corrugated boxes suit a range of applications, from books and catalogs to larger orders with easy-to-fold designs requiring no adhesive.
  • Corrugated mailing tubes: Three-ply, spiral-wound construction and corrugated cardboard protect documents from posters to photographs and artwork in transit, even when pressure is applied. Ends can be crimped and folded in or secured with tape.
  • Poly mailer bags: Eight possible options shave off weight and allow you to store and ship more items when dealing with limited warehouse and transit space.
  • Bubble mailing envelopes: Even with flexible construction, bubble mailing envelopes help cushion smaller, more delicate products, including jewelry and electronics. Exterior options range from poly to kraft with a 3/16- or 5/16-inch bubble interior.
  • Flat mailing envelopes: Flat chipboard protects documents and photos with a self-seal design.
  • Glamour mailers: A metallic appearance accompanied by an adhesive closure adds style, individuality and water-resistant protection to your shipping solutions.
  • Padded mailing envelopes: An interior padded with fiber is both moisture and puncture resistant, eliminating the need to add void material.
  • Tyvek® mailing envelopes: Get our top tier of puncture, tear and moisture resistance. Olefin envelopes in flat and expandable designs protect a range of products from damage in transport.
  • Jiffy Rigi Bag® mailers: A stiffer, sturdier solution utilizes kraft and laminated fiberboard to prevent contents from moving around.
  • Ship-Lite® envelopes: These bulk mailing envelopes feature paper reinforced with mesh poly fibers for a greater degree of moisture resistance.
  • Nylon-reinforced mailing envelopes: Heavy-duty nylon fibers are less likely to tear while shaving off weight to reduce shipping costs.
  • Paper mailing envelopes: Various sealing solutions and sizes are available for traditional paper mailing envelopes.

We’re ready to revolutionize your packaging solutions, from CAD-assisted consultations to storage space in our distribution centers. Whatever you order, we’ll mail it out to you from our closest location.

If you’re ready to order envelopes or mailers in bulk, start by setting up an account. This allows you 24-7 access to our site and the option to track your purchase, keep track of your favorites for reordering and access to exclusive prices upon review.