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In warehouses and shipping facilities, workers look through hundreds of packages per hour. At that pace, no one has time to read all the details. But, what if you’re shipping something fragile, flammable or that requires special handling? Here’s where shipping and inventory labels come in, offering clear, universally identified descriptors. Workers see these signs, know what to do and ensure your business’s package is correctly handled.

Rather than custom-print shipping and inventory labels, count on Packaging HERO® for common symbols and surfaces that can be placed on the exterior of every envelope or box you ship out.

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About Shipping & Inventory Labels

At the simplest level, shipping labels clearly identify what could be in the package and how to handle it. Symbols aren’t exclusive to select areas of the supply chain: Instead, they’re easily identified through each stage, until the package reaches the customer. Clear graphics and visuals indicate what to do — and what to avoid — when it comes to storing and shipping an order.

Without shipping labels, the chances a package ends up mishandled increase. Dissatisfaction, from here, has a rippling effect, from negative online and word-of-mouth reviews to customers withdrawing their business. Although warehousing, inventory and shipping labels cover a wide range of solutions, they generally have the following characteristics:

  • Clear instructions, communicated through pictures, photographs or minimal wording.
  • Contrasting colors that can easily be viewed and identified in a range of conditions.
  • Signs and markings to comply with various military, OSHA and ASTM standards.
  • Uniform symbols that can be understood in a range of environments — be it for handling or shipping — to reduce the number of potential errors.
  • Adhesive backing that can be secured to corrugated boxes, envelopes, poly bags and other mailers.
  • They arrive in rolls for efficient application in your facility.

Ordering Wholesale Inventory and Shipping Labels from Packaging HERO®

What are you shipping? When you have safety concerns or need a package handled in a specific fashion, communicate it clearly with thermal- and moisture-resistant labels that identify something as fragile, containing a mixed load or that needs to be sent out right away.

Whatever you select, we send it out from our closest distribution center, ensuring you have what you need, when you need it.

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