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Aggressively bonds to corrugated materials.

What is Kraft Paper Tape?

With a strength approved by the U.S. Postal Service, kraft paper tape is a flatback, fiberglass-enhanced solution using a rubber or resin adhesive that’s pressure sensitive. Once secured, this packaging tape creates a sturdy bond that remains that way even in moist conditions — indoors and outside. In turn, it’s a versatile, reliable option for sealing boxes, cartons, envelopes and mailers, thanks to its adhesion, tear and tensile strength.

Why Use Kraft Packaging Tape?

Kraft tape — also called gummed tape on occasion due to its adhesive — offers a number of benefits for packing and shipping items:

  • Due to its strength and construction, kraft tape can’t be pealed away easily once applied to a package, and it sticks to a range of materials.
  • Water-activated paper kraft tape is more sustainable compared to plastic-based materials.
  • Minimal pressure is needed to apply kraft tape, making it ideal for high-volume use and packing fragile items.
  • Removal requires ripping or applying a box cutter — offering security and clearly indicating if a package experienced tampering in transit.
  • Kraft tape suits a range of packaging types, from smaller boxes to larger, heavier cartons.
  • The paper surface presents a degree of customization, allowing you to display your logo directly on the tape.

Types of Kraft Tape

Packaging HERO® offers the following types of kraft paper tape in bulk:

  • Reinforced water-activated tape: This solution bonds brown paper tape with fiberglass yarn for strength and greater weather resistance.
  • Non-reinforced water-activated tape: White or brown paper tape provides a fully recyclable, repulpable and biodegradable solution that’s ideal for paper splicing.
  • Central Brand Reinforced WAT Tape: Another fiberglass-reinforced solution, Central Brand kraft paper tape uses starch-based adhesive for greater weather resistance.
  • Flatback tape: A heavier-duty paper tape from Industrial or 3M brands accommodates both manual and automatic dispensers.

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