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You’re packing up boxes for shipping or storage and have concerns about security. Instead of worrying about whether a package will break open, causing all contents to scatter, close and secure it effectively with carton sealing tape, available in a range of strengths and lengths in bulk quantities through Packaging HERO®.

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What is Carton Sealing Tape?

Businesses turn to carton sealing tape to fully pack and seal corrugated boxes before they’re shipped or stored. The strength offered helps uphold the box’s shape, thus better protecting the internal contents than the folded cardboard alone.

Although multiple materials and grades exist, carton sealing tape generally consists of a few basic characteristics: a liner with a clear or translucent consistency and a layer of adhesive. Within this arrangement, you have a choice of:

  • Multiple lengths. Find 55- or 110-yard rolls to solutions able to accommodate industrial machines.
  • Multiple thicknesses, from economy solutions under 1.5 mil to thicker materials over 3 mil for demanding, heavy-duty applications.
  • A choice of widths, with carton sealing tape available in rolls up to two to three inches wide.
  • A choice of layer materials, including PVC, polypropylene and kraft.
  • Multiple adhesive strengths and materials, including natural rubber, hot melt or acrylic. Of these, hot melt tape tends to bond better to paperboard, while acrylic creates a longer-lasting seal.
  • Various transparencies, from fully clear to tan and completely opaque.
  • Applications. Find carton sealing tape for manual usage, and solutions that can be fed into a machine.

Ordering Carton Sealing Tape from Packaging HERO®

No two businesses are alike — so why should their packaging solutions be any different? We not only concern ourselves with the box, but what goes inside and how it’s secured. Here’s where carton sealing and industrial tape come into play. With a vast array of solutions available, work with us to:

  • Identify the right packaging supplies, including carton sealing tape material, length, width and adhesive that best suits your business model.
  • Get what you want, when you need it, from our four distribution centers, where we further provide storage space.
  • Grow your business. We’re not content to stay stationary, and our ISO 9001:2015 certification — from annual third-party audits of our facilities — attests to this drive and dedication.

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