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Wholesale Packing List Envelopes

A variety of Styles to choose from.

When you send your customer a box, carton or mailer, they might want to check the contents first. Rather than requiring them to cut it open and sift through void materials, packing envelopes list this plainly and clearly.

Key for mailing parts and large orders, packing envelopes further allow the recipient to thoroughly check the contents and ensure everything that was supposed to arrive did. To facilitate this process, this solution both protects the list and can be securely fixed to the package’s exterior.

Packaging HERO® considers everything going into and outside of the box — wholesale packing envelopes included.

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Using Packing Envelopes

Packing envelopes are a final yet crucial and practical touch to every order you send out.

Designs — made of sturdy clear plastic or polyethylene — let you clearly see its presence and read the list of contents. Attaching the envelope to the package’s exterior has another added benefit: The recipient is less likely to toss a packing list or instructions out accidentally with void materials.

Exterior visibility alerts the recipient to the packing envelope’s presence, as well as the list included. From here, once they open the box or mailer, they can check to see that everything was received and make note if something didn’t arrive, they received the incorrect item or parts were damaged in transit.

To achieve this, packing envelopes use durable clear, colored or white construction. Strong adhesive on the back lets you attach the envelope to a range of packaging materials — cardboard and paper mailers to poly bags.

As well, its shape accommodates single or folded sheets to hold onto and prominently display invoices, packing slips, instructions, safety data sheets, or any other order-specific information. Once inside, the contents remain secure until the recipient removes them from the packaging.

Messaging or a bold color on the exterior helps catch the customer’s attention.

For selecting a set of wholesale packing envelopes, explore options in varying thicknesses, all designed to resist tearing in storage and transit.

Ordering Wholesale Packing Envelopes from Packaging HERO®

Improve your mailing operations with Packaging HERO®. Along with presenting over 25,000 products, our consulting services help you pinpoint the right materials and sizes for your business. We not only ship out your orders from the closest distribution center — we also offer storage space to supplement your operation.

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