Bulk Bubble Padded Mailers

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If you're looking for a convenient and lightweight way to ship merchandise, consider mailers from PackagingHERO®. When you browse our web page, you'll find bubble mailers that are great for mailing hundreds of items in every conceivable size and style. Buy them in quantities as low as 25 or in large quantities. These durable bubble mailers will get your merchandise safely to your customers, whether you're a seller on Amazon or eBay, own your own business, or are just a regular Joe sending out Christmas gifts to family and friends.


Self-Seal Options
You'll find out how to fill out bubble mailer and how much your bubble mailer can hold or will cost to send by weighing it or taking it to the local post office. You will love the self-seal options at PackagingHERO because they'll save you the trouble of buying extra adhesives. You can be rest assured that your mailer will stay closed. The self-seal with tear strip makes it easy to rip off the strip and seal your mailer quickly. The work of shipping will go much faster and your package will arrive safely.

Glamour Bubble Mailers
If you're sending out promotional materials or if you're just interested in putting on the Ritz, PackagingHERO's glamour bubble mailers are a great choice for you. You can choose from eight different shiny metallic colors that are bound to get the recipient's attention right away! With PackagingHERO's price match guarantee, you'll know that you can't get these pretty mailers cheaper anywhere else. So, choose your glamour bubble mailers in the sizes and colors you like, and have some fun with your shipping experience!

Buy Bulk Bubble Mailers
If you want to buy bubble mailers in bulk, PackagingHERO is a great choice for shipping supplies. We offer a variety of bubble and padded mailers in bulk, and you can save money by buying in larger quantities. In some states, larger orders over a certain value even ship for free and will arrive within days, so how can you go wrong! If you do a lot of shipping, don't waste your money. Buying bubble mailers in bulk is the most affordable way to go.