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You’re in a conundrum. Your business routinely ships a range of products, and at the same time, you’re looking to trim down shipping costs. Wholesale poly mailers provide a solution. These plastic shipping bags save space by virtue of their design, and their low weight further ends up reducing what you pay to deliver customers their orders.

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Types of Poly Mailers

As a one stop shop for all shipping and mailing materials, Packaging HERO® considers a spectrum of solutions based on what you’re sending out. Find the following in bulk:

  • White and colored bulk poly mailers: Our most versatile solution provides a puncture-, tear- and water-resistant exterior with a self-sealing closure. Select from multiple shades to distinguish your brand, envelopes with a window for easy viewing, and a choice of sizes to accommodate your products.
  • Bubble-lined bulk poly mailers: When your orders require an additional degree of cushioning, these wholesale poly mailers do the trick with 3/16-inch bubble material along the interior.
  • Jiffy Tuffgard Extreme® bubble-lined poly mailers: These poly shipping bags go up a level with 5/16-inch bubble material. At the same time, the construction — ideal for delicate items and electronics — weighs less than comparable corrugated shipping materials.

Why Use Poly Mailer Bags?

As you evaluate various shipping bags and materials, poly mailers:

  • Provide a high degree of protection for your goods while saving space and weight.
  • Cost less compared to similarly sized boxes.
  • Allow you to ship out larger orders, as trucks can hold more items.
  • Let you store more products in your warehousing space.
  • Provide an additional layer of security with a bubble-lined interior.
  • Accommodate a range of products, from phones and electronics to apparel and footwear.
  • Can be used as a protective layer for goods packaged in boxes.

Whether you ship custom orders or manage a large ecommerce business, have Packaging HERO® streamline your operations with our choice of materials, consulting solutions and storage space available in our distribution centers.

Once you order from us, we ship out your materials from our closest location, ensuring you receive what you need, when you need it.

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