Chicago-based Packaging Hero is a leading packaging materials company that develops custom-designed, cutting-edge packaging solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers. With over 25,000 in-stock SKUs available from our four distribution centers, we're able to meet all of your next-day needs.

In the Beginning - 1984

Conpac Group, Inc. was formed in 1984 by two entrepreneurs wanting to merge their companies together as a means to partner their efforts going forward.  The name stems from the products for which the company was founded to provide: CONtainers and PACkaging.  Incorporated in 1984 by Joseph LoSavio (Metropolitan Container Packaging Group), the merger never took place, and the company remained a "shell" corporation.

Inevitable Change - 1993

President and sole stock holder today, Don Esbjornson, was a supplier (representing Sealed Air Corporation) to Metropolitan Container, and was asked to join the company as an employee. Negotiations flowered into a partnership, and Conpac Group, Inc. was chosen as the new corporate identity. In 1996, Don became the sole owner after an amicable buyout of the company assets.

Recognizing Opportunity - 2010

The World Wide Web and e-Commerce wasn't entirely new, but understanding the complex requirements for building a platform, investing in the marketing, and delivering a quality product, on-time, every time and competitively priced was our goal.  Conpac Group launched our first fully-independent site in October 2010.

Brick and Mortar is still important - 2016

In January of 2016, Conpac Group moved to its current headquarters at 554 Territorial Drive, Bolingbrook, IL. In February of 2018, the company added over 11,000 square feet of additional warehouse space, bringing the total square footage to 31,000 square feet.

Re-Branding our company - 2020

Over breakfast with friend and mentor David MacNeil (owner of WeatherTech) in a Las Vegas coffee shop (during SEMA 2019), the idea to rebrand the NEW website as was suggested.  The wheels of motion began turning quickly, as our old site had been updated and nearly finished in November of 2019.  The idea was too good not to act on, so we pumped the brakes on 'launch' and started the process of rebranding, including; new graphic logo design, corporate messaging, transition strategies, programming, trademark applications, banking, insurance, etc. and many, many long days for all involved.


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