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Carpet and Surface Protection

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  • Carpet protection provides temporary protection of carpet during moving or construction. This film lies flat creating a secure bond, but also is easy to remove without leaving a residue. This polyolefin film has a water based acrylic adhesive and is for indoor Use only.
  • Surface protection tape protects countertops, floors, and other hard surfaces from damage during maintenance or painting. This translucent blue film allows for visual inspection of parts and removes without residue.
  • Glass protection tape can be Used to protect windows, mirrors, or other glass surfaces from damage. Surfaces should be dry and free of oils, dirt and other contaminates when applied. This polyolefin film has an acrylic adhesive and peels away without leaving a residue.
  • Cabinet protection tape can be Used on finished wood and removed easily without leaving a residue. This film should be applied only to a clean dry surface.
  • Red rosin paper provides temporary protection during painting ceramic flooring and other messy projects. This heavy, non-abrasive paper is water and tear resistant.