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1/2 PH-475001 1/2" x 3900' 650 lbs. 1
$140.79 $131.01 $122.51
5/8 PH-475003 5/8" x 3000' 800 lbs. 1
$136.61 $127.13 $118.87

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Strap together heavy loads with durable polyester cord strapping.

Shipping bulky, heavy items on pallets or in multiple boxes efficiently ensures they get where they are going. However, to ensure safety and that the shipment stays together, strapping those products together is beneficial, and using poly cord strapping is in your best interest.

Polyester cord strapping is constructed from polyester and contains embedded cords, which makes it stronger and more resistant to shock and tears than other strapping options. It can also resist moisture, making it an ideal choice for items exposed to the elements.

Poly cord strapping from Packaging HERO® can be hand-tied or used with buckles and seals, making it ideal for all products you need to strap together. Available in 650-lb and 800-lb break strength, you’ll have confidence that this strapping has what it takes to safely get your items to their destination.