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20 x 500'  4 Mil Blue VCI Poly Sheeting PH-352191 20" x 500' 4 1
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36 x 500'  4 Mil Blue VCI Poly Sheeting PH-352211 36" x 500' 4 1
$197.42 $182.69 $170.00 $158.96
48 x 500'  4 Mil Blue VCI Poly Sheeting PH-352221 48" x 500' 4 1
$261.74 $242.21 $225.39 $210.75

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If you need to protect merchandise, boats, or autos from the elements, you should consider VCI Poly Sheeting from PackagingHERO®. VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors, which can be added to plastic films that are used to protect metal parts or other corrosive merchandise from dust, contaminants, and moisture. The VCI on the poly sheeting works by lowering the water vapor transmission rate of the packaging so that there is not enough moisture to cause your merchandise to corrode.

A Superior Moisture Barrier
There are many different ways to use VCI poly sheeting from PackagingHERO. VCI strips are great for preventing the corrosion of pipes for both their exterior and interior surfaces. The strips can be used for pipe shipping or they can be used while the pipes are in operation. The strips are sometimes used on oil rigs that are in constant contact with ocean water and other sources of moisture. You can save money and resources by protecting pipes with PackagingHERO VCI strips. VCI poly bags can also be used for shipping smaller metal merchandise and are great for extended shipping periods.

An Invisible Protective Layer
VCI Poly sheeting from PackagingHERO provides an invisible protective layer for your boat, car, or metal parts that will extend the life of the merchandise and save you money in the long run. You can even use anti-static poly sheeting to prevent the buildup of static for shipments of sensitive electronics. You can line a box for an entire shipment or wrap your merchandise individually for shipping. PackagingHERO's anti-static poly tubing can protect your pipe and tubing applications that need to be in a low-static environment.

Corrosion Protection for Years
PackagingHERO's VCI Poly Sheeting will give you corrosion protection for all of your metallic merchandise for years. You'll also find that we've got what you need in stock and can get it shipped to you quickly. If you're unsure about what product would best serve your needs, you'll find that our customer service is among the best around. You can always talk to one of our experienced packaging consultants who will help you decide what products are best for your business's needs.