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Absorbent protection for precious cargo.

Moisture wreaks havoc, and you don’t want it getting into your shipping container and damaging the contents. If you’re looking for way to ensure your products are protected, adding Versa-Pak™ Cellulose Wadding is required.

Not only can this cellulose-wadding paper absorb water, but it also takes care of oil. In addition, it’s non-abrasive and super soft, and it can also wrap around and conform to products of any shape or size. This wadding paper can also be reused and recycled.

You don’t know what the package will encounter while in transit, but it can be frustrating if items get damaged. When shipping your products to customers, don’t risk moisture ruining what’s inside. It only takes a little extra cash and some time to pack the contents in Versa-Pak™ Cellulose Wadding, but the effort pays off in the long run.

  • Versa-Pak™ Cellulose Wadding master rolls are perforated every 12" and has an additional 6" zip perf. This multi-layer wadding absorbs oil and water and is non-abrasive. This material is formerly Kimpak® and can be reused or recycled.
  • Versa-Pak™ Cellulose Wadding Dispenser Pack is portable and great for work station Use.
  • Versa-Pak™ Cellulose Wadding Expandable Strips are compressed 80% to save storage space. Same great cushioning protection as regular Versa-Pak™ Cellulose Wadding and is non-abrasive, 1/4" thick strips absorb oil and water.