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We all could use a little more organization in our lives. Do you have the daunting task of organizing your inventory? Are your current organizational systems just not working? No matter the size of your organizational needs, keep reading for some tips on how to organize your space with Packaging HERO’s packaging supplies.

Big Spaces

If your space is large and unorganized, these warehouse rack bins are for you. Made of 32# kraft corrugated, these rack bins are built to hold your stuff. These bins feature a 42” depth to maximize storage space on racks. With a variety of dimensions, there is sure to be a size that will help you get your space organized in no time.

To further tidy up your items, check out these bin dividers. Made from 32# white corrugated, these bin dividers fit snugly into your bins, making sure everything has a place. Use them with the warehouse rack bins to optimize your storage and organization.

Electronics and Cables

Do you have a mess of wires and cables interfering with your efficiency? Packaging HERO has a solution for you with our colored cable ties. These ties are tamper proof and designed to lock tight. They will not stretch or slide and they are made from 6.6 nylon construction.

With several different colors to choose from, these cable ties can help you step up your organization game. Mix and match, color code and create an organizational system that works for you and your space.

Smaller Inventory

Do you have smaller items that are difficult to organize? Packing HERO is your solution with our flat poly bags. These bags come in a wide variety of sizes, Mil strengths and colors. Use colored flat poly bags to color code your inventory while protecting it from dust. Choose clear poly bags so that your inventory is in plain view but still protected from dust.

You will be sure to find what you need with choices from clear, a range of different colors, anti-static, VCI and more.

Packaging HERO for All Your Organizational and Storage Needs

Browse our inventory today to find what suits your and your storage and organizational needs. From large items in warehouses, to smaller items to color code, Packaging HERO can help you maximize the efficiency of your space.

Packaging HERO is your single-source, total packaging solutions provider. We offer a variety of sustainably sourced packaging solutions to help you display, store and ship your products in the most effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly way possible.

We do custom orders, too! Contact us today for a personal consultation. We are committed to making sure you're getting the right size, print and material for your needs. We also source from the best vendors to get you the best products for your needs.

Design expertise. Personal service. A higher commitment to excellence. Get the total package with Packaging HERO.

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