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Corrugated mailers are strong yet lightweight.

What are you shipping? Chances are, you need something sturdy and versatile that can accommodate multiple items and void materials for cushioning.

Our corrugated mailer boxes precisely fit this description. Available in white and kraft at bulk discounts, these mailers offer the space and durability for shipping and storing a broad spectrum of items and the strength for both local and international routes.

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Types of Corrugated Mailers

Packaging HERO® strives to be your one stop shop for all packaging needs, pairing a varied selection with customization solutions. For corrugated cardboard mailers, we carry:

  • Standard corrugated mailers: These are made from 32#c corrugated cardboard, in crush-resistant kraft and white materials. A single-piece design is easily folded together, without the need for adhesive, and protects fragile items with double-walled sides.
  • Easy Fold mailers: In white and kraft, Easy Fold mailers present a quickly assembled, single-piece box for transporting books, catalogs and framed pictures. In fact, just place your item at the center of the box, fold, and secure with tape.
  • Jumbo fold-over mailers: These corrugated mailers are ideal for securely transporting flat items, from artwork to maps, posters and portfolios.
  • Literature mailers: These corrugated mailer boxes provide a custom carton-like fit and save space in transport. Improving efficiency further, solutions don’t require glue, staples or tape to stay together.
  • Deluxe literature mailers: Going a step further, these mailer boxes include a set of side flaps and outside tab tucks made from 32#B corrugate for a greater degree of protection.
  • Outside tuck mailers: Outside tucks create a secure closure for three-sided protection during transport.
  • Side-loading lock mailers: This one-piece mailer with locking tabs quickly assembles to protect the contents.
  • Corrugated garment mailers: This larger corrugated mailer box uses 32#B kraft to help you transport and protect bulky apparel and other larger items.
  • Multimedia mailers: Keep CDs and DVDs secure in transport, with the option to protect single to multiple discs.

Whichever corrugated mailers you opt to order in bulk, Packaging HERO sends them from our closest distribution center.

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